lundi 11 juillet 2016

L'Organisme Mondial de la Santé (OMS) revoit ses normes de protection en intégrant enfin de nouvelles sources, comme les éoliennes.

J.P Riou

La vaillante écossaise Christine Metcalfe a écrit une lettre à l'OMS pour enfoncer le clou, déposer une pétition et des témoignages.

Soutenons cette démarche 
  1. en signant la pétition et en donnant notre accord pour que notre nom soit indiqué 
  2. en témoignant du calvaire subi en tant que riverains de ces machines.

 Pour qu'enfin ce SCANDALE SANITAIRE sorte au grand jour.

Ci dessous, l'appel de Sarah Laurie.

Dear all,

Please find attached a letter which Christine Metcalfe from Scotland has initiated (along with others in Europe), and is coordinating.

The WHO are currently reviewing their Environmental Noise Pollution Guidelines for Europe, (more detail here: ) and we want to make sure that the WHO are encouraged to recommend the adoption of a truly precautionary approach, and that they do not ignore the growing body of evidence of harm from wind turbine noise specifically, and lower frequency noise more generally. Sound below 200 Hz has now been specifically mentioned in the letter. The letter itself is not detailed, but we hope that people with specific expertise and knowledge, as well as direct personal experience of wind turbine noise, may then choose to share that directly with Mme Heroux and her colleagues on the review panel.

If you would like to sign this letter, could you please let Chris know as soon as possible, and give her the relevant details you would like about you included on the letter. Her email is Christine Metcalfe < >

Apologies for any duplication if you have received this request more than once, and we hope you will join with us in this collective effort. Thank you to those who have already signed, and please feel free to circulate this further amongst your own colleagues and contacts if you think of others who might wish to be part of this initiative.

kind regards


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